Article Reflection (from yesterday)

I read an article on my phone and wrote up notes on my phone yesterday but forgot to post it on my blog so here it is, a day later!


I chose this article, How Should We Talk About Transgender Issues, from the TED blog. I originally chose this article because I spend a lot of time watching TED videos, so when I saw the link to the TED website listed on this assignment, I was drawn to this site and consequently drawn to this article.

This article impacts my life in that this is that transgender issues are becoming more and more talked about in our society, especially in such a liberal community as a college campus. It’s important to me to be aware of a sensitive issue like this so as not to step on anyone’s toes by saying something insensitive or by ignoring the situation at hand. Also, it’s just important to be aware of what is happening in such a new and previously taboo situation like this.

One thing that I found really important in this article is that you should ask a transgendered person how they would like to be referred to as. I would never have felt comfortable asking a question like that, but the article encouraged it, saying that it’s the respectful thing to do, and, probably, a welcome question. Another thing that I thought was important was the explanation of the differences between sex and gender. I have learned this in a few of my previous sociology and anthropology classes, but I believe that this is an important thing for our society to learn and to internalize just because this is very important in today’s progressive society.


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